This quick-guide, put together by my beloved friend John Terngu (John the Divine), is a very bold and remarkable attempt to bring together in a very simple piece, great transformative and innovative business ideas. I find this highly commendable in light of the increasing hunger and quest by billions around the globe to attain financial freedom.
From the peasant farmers striving hard to increase the productivity of his or her yield, to the artisans who labours daily in the open market to increase their capital base and marginal profit; this book provides a viable platform for that needed leap to the next level of sustainable self-sufficiency.
The wide range of business ideas expounded in this book makes it a book for all. Whatever be your passion or vocation, you will surely find an idea that suits you - in terms of flare, financial capacity, practicability and time-constraints. From soft skills in ICT to farming/animal husbandry; from hospitality business to money-market and crafts; this is a book of everybody, for everybody!
And herein lies the beauty of this book - It is thorougly researched and written in a simple format, with domesticated content, attached cost implications, practical setup/start up guidelines and in a very concise nature. It can be adjudged to be among the most practical books on attaining financial freedom through this book has flooded me with great ideas which I am determined to put into practice after writing this foreword. Be you a student, professional, or business person, etc.; knowledgeable or not; rich or poor; skilled, semi- or unskilled; may this book have on you this same effect it had on me. May you be better, wiser, richer and happier by carrying out these very simple bu life-changing ideas all summed up in this wonderful and simple book by John The Divine.

Uche Anyanwagu MD, PhD
Medical Doctor | Scholar | Epidemiologist